A creative drop in environment where spontaneous collaboration and discovery takes place to move projects forward with available tools and talents. Like a community info board, critical thinking and democracy is important. We empower the clients, integrating flexible amd diversity as attested in the testimonials.

photo of varouj
Varouj Gumuchian

When you enter the offices it is a kind of Wunderkammer, a cabinet of curiosities, an ossuary for collecting odd objects, full of darkness, lightness, decay, life and surprises. unravels layers of ideas. The main aim is to establish linkages between programs, site and issues. The form is driver by a sense of experimentation. We do not profess a grand theory, no big environmental preaching. The impact of the projects have the humbling gestures in harmony with a quiet reputation. We welcome change, and adapt well in the design process. Basically it is a combination of small structures with occasional inflections and some ambiguity of scale. The purpose of the work is not to design but discover something already there. Finally, playful in creating some unresolved instability impressing the viewer with a sense of amazement.

The Home of an Artist

photo of varouj's home