Design and architecture, we state that a project can be more than one thing at once and co exist with multiplicities. We put forward a convergence theory whereas incorporates different divergent specifics. Share a skepticism of the current design ethos.


Importance is given to not creating an image but having narrative. One experiences both a welcoming and informal notion, not ostentatious. An accidental process of stacking the structures having intersection of elements creating a dichotomy and an opportunity to locate the form. Different typologies are considered. Designing a lamp, a sheter, a triplex in North Van, a school in Maple Ridge, projects with developers, build deck, additions, environmental issues, programming to gather, organize and classify information like an anthropologist.


This journey of exploring human nature and giving form to an abstract concept. This has a story to tell, the observer unravels the mysteries of the structure, analyzes thoughts and imagination, sketches, designs, photos.


The studio gives meaning and discipline to our world at the same time holding on to that most fragile of concept “freedom” being both tight and loose, happy and sad, trusting and being vulnerable, risking and playing safe.

Context and Landscape take into account notions of inside and outside integration.