Of particular interest to us is the question if prose can reveal the immense, mysterious power of the ideas. And unlike theatre, cinema, or comics, writing can also capture details about a place looks, with universal moments.


We follow different threads throughout, but the writing is inspiringly feisty, concerned with modernism and not postmodernism nor pastiche. But even though Kundera’s biases sometimes get in the way of his argument, the reader completes by adding individual experiences that flesh out an author’s “sketchy ideas”.


It’s similar to someone observing art! The artist paints,and the observer subjectively responds to the painting thru their own life experiences. Many emotions can be triggered by observing paintings from different artists.


For example some paintings can trigger joy, sadness, or even pain just to name a few. Therefore we complete in a sense or add our own interpretation, which can be completely different then what the artist’s intention was when he created the artwork.


In conclusion, the novel and the painting are similar. Both allows to feed our imagination and also relates to some of our life experiences. This is explored in a published chapbook, thesis book, radio and TV shows, travels, magazines reviews, and essays.